selection of career

selection of career

Selection of career

The selection of a career is the most important decision in a person's life, which should be made with great consideration.


Choosing the best job field is one of the most important decisions in a person's life, so it is important to make this decision very carefully.

The best way to find out how to plan for a career, i.e. in which work area you want to work, and as a result, what you want to do, is to contact a professional career counselor who can help you. In fact, many people do not accept the importance of a Career Counselor even though it has been observed that many persons do not recognize their skills very often, as a result, many failures are encountered in life.

Carrier's choice since childhood-

The importance of counseling cannot be denied at the beginning of life itself. Many educational institutes have appointed career counselors on their own. Another method of career planning is to adopt the method that professional career counselors adopt. This method allows you to more easily and better determine which department is most beneficial to your child as a student or as a parent. And the thing to keep in mind is that whatever you plan to do, file it on paper so that you can easily find and analyze the results later.
 Why is career counseling important?
Students or parents should consider the following issues for career planning.
1: IQ test (IQ test)
2: trend/mood
3: interest
4: Economic situation
5: Gender
6: Educational opportunities available

Basic IQ / IQ Level Testing

The purpose of this test is to measure the mental abilities of any human being on a scientific basis to determine whether the student has the original ability to move to the desired area. By the way, you as a parent know better about your child and every student knows how much his mental capacity is and whether he should enroll in this course/field). This is the basic condition for better career planning. There are many books available in different languages ​​in the market which you can use to find basic intelligence.
One of the most advanced ways of doing this is intelligence testing, which provides more comprehensive information. Nowadays IQ tests are also done through a computer. In the IQ test, the IQ test only examines the quality of literacy and memory (memory capacity) of the student. 

The higher the number of students taking the test, the more intelligent it is. The IQ test has a normal human score of 70 to 90. Whereas a person scoring more than 90 points is considered intelligent. The intelligence level of most scientists is around 120. Some experts believe the famous scientist Albert Einstein's IQ would be 160 points.  Today's urgent need for a multitude of media channels The IQ test consists of several sections, which make an average estimate by evaluating the ability to solve complex problems and skills in various areas of science, language, social understanding, mathematics, and life.


 To be successful in practical life, choosing any field requires that the attitude of the student is right in this regard. The behavior can also be changed, but it requires a lot of hard work, so it is best to choose the same attitude for the general attitude of the student. For example, children who cannot perform the most intense physical exertion do not want to choose the police or military because they are faced with the most difficult physical conditions, harsh conditions, and daily routines of living there. If a student is not of the desired mood and selects the police or military field, then he or she must choose one of two things: either quit the job or change their attitude or mood. Since changing behavior is a difficult task, it is difficult to recruit in such departments, so that only those with the desired attitude/temperament are successful. Students who want to change/improve their attitude should adopt the necessary behavior in their area of ​​interest. Always keep your opinion positive. And meet successful and unsuccessful people in the field who have to pick you up, and explain the reasons for their success and failure.

 The personal interest of the student:

 No human can take any action against his / her. Even if forced to do so, it will not have the sophistication that comes from doing it with interest. Similarly, unless a student has a personal interest in a task, he will not be successful in this field. Therefore, most parents need to understand that they do not impose their will on their children and take care of the interests and interests of the students in the career choice process, otherwise they will lose all their hard work. Is likely to happen.

Selection of job career: 

Nowadays the biggest problem has come with the selection of job.


Not getting the desired job after completion of education is also a burning issue, which sometimes forces the youth to take up a job or some other occupation against their will. At such a time, the advice of a professional career counselor can be beneficial for you, which can help you in identifying your qualifications and skills.
selection of career

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