The computer A review

The computer A review

The computer A review

Human life has been a struggle since time immemorial. It is the only creature on earth that has touched the pinnacle of development using its brain.


Human life has been a struggle since time immemorial. It is the only creature on earth that has touched the pinnacle of development using its brain. In ancient times, when humans used to have only wood and stone as resources, man did not just show strength like other beings, but he also used wisdom along with power. As a result, humans learned well the qualities of controlling giant creatures from them. Humans have done everything they can to facilitate them - periods have changed and paths have been cleared - today man has everything available for comfort and luxury.


A computer is the advanced technology of the modern era, it is a tool that has made everything possible in today's time. But has this journey of development been so easy? Today we will try to revert to the past to know the depth of it - first of all we talk about today's computer.

Computer Definition

A computer is an electronic device. Whose job is to access the data, process it, analyze it and follow our instructions. The computer is a Greek word that means to compute or to calculate. A computer is an electronic machine that receives information and data from input devices and processes the output according to the instructions and displays the output through the output.A computer is one of the most important tools of modern times. Which easily solves calculation questions and complex statistical problems, according to fixed and provided instructions, then displays the results of these calculations or saves them.

Computer Types

There are three types of computers. Analog computers, digital computers, high-speed computers.

Analog Computer

An analog computer is the first computer. Which paved the way for modern digital computers. Analog computer receives data in the form of waves. Analog data consists of distance, speed, pressure, temperature, liquid or gas flow rate, current, voltage, and intensity of physical quantities. Analog computers are mostly used for engineering and scientific research. These computers are very fast.

Digital Computer

Digital computers work as numbers, letters, and special symbols. That is, digital computers are provided digitally. Modern digital computers are available in many shapes and sizes. Digital computers are commonly used in schools, colleges, universities, offices, and homes. Digital computers can store large amounts of data and information. Digital computer analysis is very accurate.

Hybrid Computer

An excellent computer has been developed by combining the speed of analog computers and the storage and accuracy of digital computers. Called Highbreedcompo, these computers are used in hospitals for medical investigations, airplanes, missiles, and military weapons.The computer A review

Difference between analog and digital computers

Analog computers are provided in the form of data waves, while digital computers are provided with digits. In analog computers, quantities are calculated in digital. Analog computers work much faster while digital ones work more accurately. The memory of the analog computer is limited while the memory of the digital computer is very high. 

Generations of Computer

We can divide the computer into five periods. Which are as follows:
The first computer era was 1959 - 1942
In earlier computers, vacuum tubes that served as high-speed switches were used. In 1943 the ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator was developed at the University of Pennsylvania. The first Computer AdSec (EDSAC) was created in 1949. Then in 1952, a second computer advocate (EDVAC) was created. In 1951, a better computer, UNIVAC-1, Universal Automatic Computer started functioning. The first computers had the following errors (1) very large size. (2) slow speed. (3) low credibility. (4) More power consumption. (5) Difficult repair.
The second period of computers 1965 - 1959
With the advent of transistor technology, the second era of computerization has come into being. Vacuum tube compression transmitters are small, fast, and low cost. So such computers were created used transistors and performed their task in microseconds. These types of machines used high-level languages for the first time like Fortran, Cobalt, and Basic. Other computers included Honeywell, ICL, GE 636, 645, etc.
The third period of computers 1972 - 1965
The era of micro-electronics began in the '60s with the advent of the IC. So the use of IC reduced the price and increased the power of the computer. This also increased the ability to store the data on these computers. And their performance became even more reliable. The computers of this era include the IBM-360 series, ICL-1900, PDP-8 series, etc.
The fourth era of computers 1980 - 1972
With the invention of the microprocessor, computers became much less expensive. And the size also became portable significantly. Intel Corporation of America developed Intel 4004, the first microprocessor in 1971. It was a 4-bit microprocessor. Then in 1973, we developed an 8-bit microprocessor. Then Clive Sinclair started a new era of personal computers (PC) by producing ZX-80 and ZX-81 computers at a very low cost. Another computer of this era was Apple, which was made in 1976. In addition, Commodore, IBM-3033,4300, Cyber-205, Sharp PC-1211, etc. are among the important computers.
The fifth era of computers 
was in the 1980s and beyond the fourth era, the biggest drawback to computers was that computers were capable of thinking. And this has been a problem for scientists for a long time. In the fifth period of the computer, the step was taken. Computers will now be given the ability for humans to think, reason, learn, and make decisions. A large number of circuits (VLSI) will be used in these machines. Thus artificial intelligence and the Expert system will be important components of the fifth-generation computers.


Humans have fully developed the machines according to their needs - today it is not difficult to go anywhere on the earth or in space or to know about them.

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